The Top Thing To Do in Peru – Teens Give Thumbs Up

Okay, so we drag ourselves to Huacachina, Peru for our kids!

You do these things as parents… the desire to stay in a little oasis surrounded by sand dunes where they can pop from the swimming pool to the dunes in seconds was high. So they diligently dragged these old sandboards up the dunes in the heat to come down again.

And did they love it… yes!

There was a lot of laughing, some screaming, some frustration but overall the consensus was that it was worth the time to get there. They even went out in a sand buggy over the dunes which I am sure was terrifying, but in their eyes tons of fun.

Definitely a must do if you are under 48 years old!

Chris and I enjoyed reading by the pool, watching them in the dunes, and finding great pizza to eat.



  1. nicoleastudillo92 · July 7, 2015

    Such a cool family!

    Liked by 1 person

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