The Chicken Place

Have you ever done all that research to find the perfect place to eat then you are too tired to hunt it down?

Instead, you wander aimlessly around until something hits you and you feel you have to enter.

In this case, it was the chicken place opposite the plaza that had all the cool fair like games going on.

We were hungry, I had teens to feed, and not a ton of money to spend. Hence, the chicken place full of locals looked like the ideal stop. We walked in and found that we were the only tourists… well at least we think we were. There was a small salad bar (not for us though… sigh… so hard to give up salad when we travel) and lots of chicken, fries and pop, including Inka Kola, otherwise known to us as bubblegum pop. So we ate there and Abby of course, being the smallest, always managed to get the biggest piece of chicken!

And for the price of the meal, we also got free soaps on TV which were amusing despite not being able to understand them. Watching the local Peruvians watch the soaps became our entertainment.

And did we go just once? Nope, as usual, when you find a gem of a place (read: cheap) to eat, you go back, many more times! Especially when you have hungry teens 🙂

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