The Night Mom Lost It

So after one of those wow days where you wake up and see Machu Picchu and you think you have nailed it, then you realize you haven’t. Yes, you have researched the heck out of the best places to stay; you have trip advisored to death; you have emailed back and forth; you have checked thorn tree and every other web site and you feel pretty confident that you have the right place to stay.

In fact, we knew we had because we had even stayed there before! So what went wrong?

It is 11:30 at night and we are standing in the dark outside our inn knocking on the door. We are at the right place because we have stayed there only a few nights before. We have a reservation but still no response. After ramping up the knocking to yelling and pounding,

Mr. Nice Guy opens up the door. However this time, he is not Mr. Nice Guy. He is now Mr. Dufus.

He tells me that he has no idea what we are doing as he has no reservation for us and all the rooms in the inn are booked. Not nice words to hear at 11:30 pm at night with three kids standing by my side.

What??? Our backpacks are in storage right over there Mr. Dufus. Clearly we were coming back. Remember our conversation and you checked our reservation before we left. No problem you said! “

After a polite *** exchange of Spanglish with some Dutch mixed in, I realize we are screwed. We grab our backpacks from storage, I whiff off a lot of comments about my desire to review now said establishment on Trip Advisor and slam the door to the inn.

I am standing outside in the dark… yes dark… no extra waste of electricity in this town… and we start walking. I have 3 kids…and one is not my own but my nephew… but still my nephew who is new to this travelling thing. We walk down the alleys and I start to see that almost everything is closed. I try to open doors to buildings and one actually opens.

It is a miracle.. a little hotel where a guy is still awake and offers me a room for 4 people (we are 5) and as my daughter Jade reminds me it was a lot of fun as she had her sister’s feet in her face all night.

So Casa de Wow went from Casa de Not so Wow… and of course, I did lambaste them on Trip Advisor. However, I wasn’t the only one. All those good reviews were suddenly disappearing as rumour has it that the owners lives were less than wow and that they had left it to Mr. Dufus to run.

It just goes to show it doesn’t matter how prepared you are, expect the unexpected.

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