Just A Few Visuals For Why You Should Travel As A Family

So in Canada, our kids (at least ours) are neck deep into technology and sometimes I feel that we as parents can’t simply compete with Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and whatever the latest is.

So here is the answer… take them away (and yes the tech can come with you) and believe me, you will see them in a different light.

Eating all meals together, sleeping in rooms or on trains together, shopping together, sightseeing together etc. is a lot more together than back home. They entertain themselves as seen with Abby and Noah who made their hotel rooms into a fun zone (my words… not sick enough to be Noah’s words) even when nothing is going on, something is going on. It gives you the opportunity to see a book come alive as with Jade in Haarlem, Holland when we went to visit the sight where the Hiding Place occurred. Travel allows for grandparents to reconnect with their grandchildren; an invaluable opportunity for everyone, even if it is in a nomad’s tent. Having a simple coffee together becomes a new and different experience.

Basically, all the simple stuff that we take for granted in Canada, becomes extra special when we travel.

This is why we travel, for those moments. It is not always the historical sites or the museums that stand out; it is simply just being together in a new environment.

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