The Most Magical Morning

There is something just magical about a morning at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

I have been twice and each time was extra special. What made this the most special was waking up and sharing it with Jade, a new set of eyes. We woke up and walked down to the edge of the lake and watched the boats fishing. After, we headed down the road to the spot where the women do their washing in the lake. This was amazing as it was Jade’s first time experiencing this. We tried to be discrete but this was challenging. The women said hola or buenos dias as they walked by us; carrying their loads in plastic buckets on their heads.

We then walked back to our all time favourite hotel called Posada de Santiago.

It is the most wonderful hotel located in Santiago Atitlan, a local village with daily markets, an active church, local schools and places just to wander and get lost. The hotel itself has individual cottages with hammocks outside, a viewing point to see Lake Atitlan, a pool lake side so you can swim and watch the activities on the lake at the same time, a hot tub and a wood sauna. The restaurant was amazing and it was where I first discovered I loved guacamole.

We would spend hours sitting in the restaurant watching the local people walking back and forth to town; often carrying bundles of wood or anything else (you dream it, it is probably carried) on their heads. In addition, a house cat would spend most of its time with Jade in the restaurant, much to Chris’s chagrin, which Jade loved.

I can’t recommend Posada de Santiago enough! The best way ever to introduce a teen or child to travel in Guatemala.

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