Why I Prefer Hotel Rooms to Houses

So, it happened again last night.

A sighting of a mysterious insect in Jade’s room and a vow to not return until Chris gets it.

The problem is that Chris is not home for another week! This is unfortunately not the first time this has happened. In fact, our “lovely” and “respectful”  home in another province became a bit of a zoo (read: nightmare) that I couldn’t even take. Think sharing an expensive living space with raccoons in your ceiling, mice in your basement, and squirrels in the kitchen fixtures.

Really… it doesn’t get much better than that heh?

So we take Jade to Guatemala for her first outside North America trip. We also take her to the jungle… you know, a well-rounded trip that will open her mind! Well… we  had a few insect issues like red ants that infested our room and the hugest spider ever in our shower… but at least this time, we didn’t have to really fix the problem and try to sell it… instead we just moved our stuff and got a new room.

Jade still wasn’t thrilled and decided to live in her hammock for the rest of the stay so her feet didn’t have to touch the ground. She also became quite knowledgeable about how to use the mosquito net for the best protection. And.. yes, we did just get her a sleeping sheet that she can wrap herself up like a mummy at night… we just didn’t think she would use it in Canada… but maybe she will.

So I will take a hotel room any day over a house. Another good reason to travel 🙂

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