Our Secret (well it used to be) Happy Place in Canada

You know those moments when it seems that there is some sort of divine intervention and it all just melds together and feels perfect? Just magical? Like it will never get better than this ever? Bliss in every sense of the word?

Well luckily for our family we have had a lot of those moments but some just break through and stand out from the rest.

This is what Pleasant Bay, Cape Breton means to us.

The melange of ocean, fresh air, peacefulness, mountains, beach, moose, fishing boats, rocks, whale watching and an oh so perfect favourite hotel/restaurant  (the MidTrail Motel) has made this spot our ultimate happy place 🙂

If I could put it all in a blender and drink it up daily, I would be a very happy Canadian!

There is simply nothing better than going for a drive to look for moose and then heading to the beach as the sun sets, making a fire, and watching the ocean and the sky become one.

Pure Magic.

I will never forget our nights there… ever!

I would love to hear from you!

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