An Ashram Is Looking Really Good Right Now

So I spent last night googling ashrams in India despite the fact that I don’t do yoga, I don’t meditate and I don’t chant.

I do do Indian vegetarian food but maybe going all the way to an ashram is a bit extreme just to get a decent Indian plate of veggies. So why am I currently dreaming of an ashram… whatever it is?

I SIMPLY CAN’T BE A CANADIAN ANYMORE IN THE WINTER TIME!!! Like, who wakes up and says, Yeah!!! We have another windchill warning (a mere -37 degrees), I get to go out and shovel more snow, defrost the ice bucket (otherwise known as a car) and then get to spend quality time inside said ice bucket as I manage to drive with the bits and pieces of the windshield (that actually never properly defrosts… and they say the Civic Honda is the number one car in terms of sales!) that I can actually see through.

So I am thinking what could be worse than this and seriously how hard could it be to sit for hours meditating, chanting and doing yoga if I never had to see another snowflake ever again. Maybe I would even learn how to do the downward dog without my whole body shaking.

At a minimum, I would like the food. So back to my research.

Anyone want to join me?

I would love to hear from you!

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