How To Have A Less Than Stiff Wedding

So because I tend to buck the traditional, I wanted to have our wedding on the 8th of July (I like even numbers) so that meant we got married on a Friday instead of the Saturday. I called that one right. On the Saturday there was a storm (not so great for an outside venture on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean) and with the storm, came no electricity. Our family was still around so what to do with no electricity?

Whale watching in the pouring rain seemed like a brilliant idea. Thanks to Limbo (if you ever go) we got special space suits and a super fun zodiac to go out in. The water was pounding, the zodiac was ripping up and down and we screamed and laughed the whole way. If we hadn’t seen a whale, we might not have even noticed. We did but the highlight was the crazy outfits and the boat in the storm. After we went to our favourite restaurant in the area (the MidTrail) and ate whatever food they could cook in the dark. Sitting in the restaurant in the dark eating a strange assortment of food with the wind and the rain wreaking havoc outside… still wet from whale watching… was the highlight of our less than stiff wedding.

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