A Confession of An Unconventional Travel Obsessed Mom

I realize that it gets worse every January… it just rolls around… spitting at first, then pouring, and then soon I am drenched as there is a full-blown thunder-storm of monsoon proportions. The urge to travel…I can’t quite quiet it down. As we are more of the “once a year we take a big trip” kind of families (although I could change that up in a second if a jackpot came our way), January is the middle of my travel road. The memories of that last trip are beginning to fade and the NEED to do it all over again begins to BUILD! I am sure some of you can relate.

So when it comes to our girls, is it wrong that I don’t:

  • revel in the dream of their weddings
  • get glassy-eyed thinking of grandchildren
  • dream of their graduations (in fact I have been known to say that once they hit a certain age, they need to go backwards… like when you reach 15, then you turn 14 until you hit 10 and then you can work your way up again)
  • dream of their first jobs (unless of course it leads to travel 🙂

I care about those things…really I do… BUT I really dream of them travelling. You know when you have that “scare”, that kind of “scare” that rocks you to your core, keeps you up at night, and makes you re-evaluate your life. I had one of those last year (fortunately it was all fine) but during that scare and post-scare, this is what came to mind.

Nothing can happen to me until I know my girls have travelled to Cambodia (my first love) and to India (my second love). I realize that this is not normal… well for many of us… but I will sleep much easier once I know they have experienced these two special countries.



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