Anonymous In India – NOT!!!

I wasn’t sporting great clothes… I wasn’t sporting a great hair cut (as Jade just pointed out). In fact I looked pretty bad. I was just plain old tired and extremely hot. This is India after all; tired and hot go hand in hand. I just needed to rest. But sit quietly for a moment by myself… rest and relax for a bit…I THINK NOT. This is India. I am not a sitting person, I am a sitting duck.

And so it began.

The man comes over and before I know it, I have a coloured mark on my forehead.

I am confused but that is no real surprise. To understand would have really been the surprise. Culture in India is no basket weaving course. The mark on my forehead is not red, the colour often used in temples. And I am not even in a temple.

So who is to know?

I smile, I say I am from Canada, and before I know it, I have an audience. Anonymous in India… an impossible feat.. but then if it was… it wouldn’t be India.

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  1. indiafoodclub · March 1, 2015

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