Dear Cambodia,

Oh you won’t believe how I have gone on and on about you to my family.

I know it was many years ago that we met and that I fell in love with you and I fear, that with so much time passed, that you will have changed. Or maybe I.

Some people think that I should not return since what we had will never be the same. I know that might be true. I have heard some rumblings and have scoured some notes and I worry. You used to be so safe; I could go where ever I wanted to; carry what ever I wanted to; but now I have heard that caution might be necessary. It is probably not your fault. I don’t know. Having so many more people come through your works of art, tread through your painful history, change your quiet scenery must be overwhelming and even confusing at times.

Recently I met someone who had just visited you and his complimentary tone made me so relieved and happy.

He remarked that you are still so very special; fostering compassionate, understanding and open people; a people who have faced so much and courageously moved on. With smiles on their faces and warmth in their hearts, they still welcome people like me who are eager  to experience all the amazing gifts you have to offer. I am thankful for that.

I am hopeful that soon we will meet once again and that we will discover, that despite appearances having changed, that deep inside we are still the same.

Thinking of you often,


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