My Dad and His Henna – Only In India and Only My Dad

Who inspired me to travel?

To be fair, both my parents travelled. But my dad (somewhat like me) was obsessed!

We could talk for days about past trips, future trips, anywhere away.

Since my mom was never big on India, we decided to travel it together. Best decision, hands down, made 🙂 Grateful every day that we went for it.

So… we are in India and my dad is the kind of man who would try anything almost once. Scary maybe, funny yes.

A lady walks up to us and asks if we want a henna. For some reason, I am not sure. But my dad steps up to the plate and says, YES.

Dad, I don’t think men get henna tatoos in India. Have you seen any men here with any?”

“Well no Cheryl, but does that really matter?”

So my dad gets it done. 

Seriously, if we didn’t attract a lot of attention prior to henna incident, we sure did after. Almost car stopping, camel stopping worthy attention.

Everywhere we went, so did his followers, looking and talking about his henna.

Only my dad.. Only in India.

Not too long after, my dad died riding the horses he loved on his farm that he loved. If it had to be, he would have wanted it to be just like that. Makes me so sad still, but the memories really help. We didn’t get to Varanasi or Kerala (where he also wanted to go) but someday I will for him.

Here is a pic of us very long ago.

cambodia and india 520

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