Don’t Visit This When Travelling

Jade and I just went to our new dentist’s office in Cobourg. It comes complete with a fireplace, friendly staff who speak English well, a very well-trained dentist, and even a Volkswagen Bug inside (like the real deal). Yes, this is a unique and interesting dental office.

But unique and interesting in Canada means one thing; in other places it might be even MORE unique and interesting and not in the ways you were seeking. Having experienced a multitude of doctors around the world, I am quite content to leave my medical experiences in that category and not venture off into the dental one. You may get lucky and find the right one; but like in Canada even; there is no guarantee. Get those teeth to the dentist before you go.

And if you are off to a place like India, this is what you might see. Knock on wood that this path is the one less taken.

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