Wanted : Downtime

I remember exactly when it happened.

Jade looked at me and said, “Do I have to go?”

We were in Tangier, Morocco and it was towards the end of our trip. We were staying in a nice hotel (kind of by fluke actually) and she wanted to enjoy it; which meant hanging out, drinking pop, listening to music on this cool couch on the roof of the hotel.

It was safe to leave her so why not? Trying to meet everyone’s needs when travelling is tough. It can be mind-blowing tough. So take advantage of those moments when downtime is needed and let it go. And yes.. this is coming from the scheduling queen herself who has trained her kids to ask, “What’s next on the agenda?” a little too well. In the end, it is better for everyone involved.

And yes..if downtime involves Chris’s computer so he can check email (he finds this relaxing?!), find the latest storm and look up all the world crises then so be it. This is what downtime is for, I guess.


Chris relaxing on his computer at a  “camel stop” in Morocco.

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