How Chamomile Tea Brought Us Closer

Everyone always asks how it was to blend a family with 4 girls. When Chris and I met, the girls were ages 4, 6, 11 and 16. Even though we were living in 3 different provinces, it somehow, always flowed and ran smoothly; simply just one of those “meant to be” kind of things. No jealousy, no fighting (well.. almost none), lots and lots of laughter and many stories to create and now to share.

What I do think is that my arrival on the scene must have been a bit “eye-opening” for Abby, Allyson and Erin. I can be a bit out spoken, opinionated, sarcastic and of course, obsessed with travel to places they might not have otherwise considered. I think (I hope) through the years, 8 have now passed, they have got used to me and my ways. In fact through these ways, we have all become closer.

When you travel as a family even the simple things become more meaningful. One morning at Casa De Wow, when it was still “wow” in our books (read The Night Mom Lost It for later events and how it became less than wow) Abby and I were having breakfast. Of course me, being a tea junkie, was drinking whatever they had on hand… which in this case was chamomile tea. Abby declares she would like to try it.

We take our cups of tea outside to sit on the bench in front of our hotel. It is so quiet and peaceful as we watch a few kids walk to school and adults carrying loads of goods on their backs to market. A simple act and a simple pleasure. As we gazed across to the mountain we could see the ruins on the side. Looking around us, I was grateful for the scenery but more for the moment that the tea and being together brought us.

This became our special routine; morning and night so it was particularly sad when we couldn’t return to the hotel (when it became less than wow) and have a few more teas to share on our little wooden bench.

Abby got some chamomile tea for Christmas this year but I am certain that drinking it together here, in Canada, won’t be quite the same for either of us.

Colombia and Peru 2014 131

This cobble stoned path was our view.

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