Rodents From Hell – Part 2

If you read this post Why I Prefer Hotel Rooms to Houses and this post  Another Day From Rodent Hell you know what kind of a week I am having.

Just in case you are wondering, it is officially my 4th day of a self-imposed lockdown or for those who aren’t familiar with school terms, solitary confinement then. I am living between the bedroom and the front door for when I need to escape and buy food.

Yesterday was sort of a brighter day because my man in shining armour – well actually a black fleece vest that said Pest Control arrived at my front door.

I looked at Mr. Pest Control and fell in love.

I thought to myself, If I marry this guy, I will never have to worry about these furry little scumbags taking over my house again.

I convinced myself, I am sure Chris wouldn’t mind. Then he could go back to focusing on his life and stop wondering  how he is going to stop his wife from going crazy.

So I tell Mr. Pest Control all my problems. I am paying a lot for this guy. I might as well get some free counselling out of the deal. And he listens… and he empathizes with my pain.. and then better yet, he moves into action with those magic little black boxes, that will hopefully record a flight plan of mice leaving house, one way or another, and pronto.

I wait patiently in hiding while he does his magic. I pay him.

Then I can’t help myself. I NEED to find out the truth. I have to ask him a ton of them.

So Mr. Pest Control. What are the chances that this is one mouse working alone?

Ahhh, I am sorry to break it to you Mrs. Brave but these mice don’t work alone; they are into collaborative learning and prefer to work as a team. 

What? Always? I think time for independent work is important.

Sorry. This school of mice is one knowledgable gifted group. We have our work cut out for us.

OH. I hate gifted learners. They are so much extra work (jis joking). When will my house be safe again? ( in law – litigation to be exact, never ask a question you don’t know the answer to.. but of course, I do)

Well. in 2 weeks.

WHAT? 2 weeks. That is like 14 days. A million hours. A quadrillion minutes. I know this. I teach math.

I can’t do this for one more day, never mind 14 more. And Chris is going away again. 

So I beg him to stay and  to come live with me. (oh yah, and Chris and Jade). 

He smiles and walks out the door.

Now I am just left with the black boxes, the mice now 😦 instead of the mouse, my bedroom, filled with take out food and emergency supplies and my brain, which unfortunately is working overtime (and not getting paid) imagining what is happening out there when I am in here.


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  2. grammieandgrampie · March 5, 2015

    We will stay tuned for the next episode of “The March of the Mice Brigade”!!!!!!! Just glad I am not you.


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