The Day Chris Found Jesus

We had been backpacking around Mexico for a while focusing on its beautiful colonial cities like Puebla, Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, and we had just arrived in Guanajuato, We hadn’t had a great beginning as we walked and taxied from hotel to hotel trying to find a place. Strange. It was 2010 and there were not many tourists around (in fact Mexicans were coming up to thank us for travelling there) but this city was hopping with action. Frustrated we took a dive-ish type hotel hoping and praying for the best.

What we didn’t know was that Guanajuato was known for its roving parties that involved a lot of people, a lot of noise, a lot of moving and for us, a lot of NOT sleeping. Yes, I know we should travel with ear plugs but for some reason, we never have. And we never learn either.

So Chris, more competent than myself the next morning, grabs the guidebook for some ideas. My idea is to move on and escape despite Guanajuato being a beyond beautiful colonial city set in the mountains with photo ops around every corner.

old 1566

In a smallish paragraph at the bottom of the page, he found a place close to Guanajuato where we can see a Jesus statue that Mexicans cherish. Sounds enlightening which is what I need.

So off we go and for a first,  I let him lead. Struggling to find the local bus, we finally hop on one and hope that it goes remotely in the right direction. No other tourists on it.. a good sign or a bad sign? Making a few friends (as you do so easily in Mexico and every other part of Latin America) we discover that yes, we are on the right one.

When we arrive, it seems other worldly. Set high in the mountains, the statue is very impressive but more so, is the sight of all the people as they listen to services inside, sing hymns and pray. We feel like intruders; so we try to find a spot where we can observe but still feel respectful.. a fine line when travelling some times.

We wander, we smile, we take lots of photos and overall, feel pretty pleased with ourselves for finding Jesus and escaping our noisy memories of Guanajuato. On the return home, our bus breaks down, we get out, we wait, another comes, we get on, we do some alternate route to who knows where, we look around, other passengers look relaxed, so we decide to relax a little and so it goes. Finally we are back and ready for another night of roving parties… or not.

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