What Travel Colour Are You?

Snce I was little, I have always wanted a Volkswagen Bug; not because I like cars much but because it seems to come in such fun vibrant colours. I go back and forth about which colour I prefer. I simply love most bright colours. They just make me happy.

So when I began to travel in Mexico, Central America and South America, I was stunned and excited by the wide range of colours used to decorate their homes, their businesses, their water fountains, their everything. It was like anything goes; no worrying about what the neighbours think or by-laws that reign in some parts of Canada. So since we are now onto our dreary 3rd or 4th month of winter here (think primarily white, grey, and muddy – I am making that a new colour) I am longing for some colour in my life.

As you can see, I am not scared to paint bright walls in my house.

old 015

So which colours do you prefer? Are you more of a subtle kind of colour person?

old 1488

Or do you like this range of colours?

Or are you passionate about purple?

old 1356

I would love to hear from you!

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