Why I Want To Blog

Having recently begun this blog to share and document some travel memories and stories, I have thought about all the trips I have made a loooonnnnng time ago… the ones I seem to barely remember except for those few details that stand out such as:

Italy – first trip – not our honeymoon ha ha – sleeping inside the Venice train station to save money

Greece- independent trip – dressing in togas and partying (a bit too much) in Corfu

Greece – school trip – sneaking out the hotel window to meet some guys (yup…me… the rule follower) Oops, Jade just read this as she prepares to go on her first school trip to Europe!

Czech Republic – it was called Czhechoslovakia then and Prague hadn’t been discovered yet so was less of a fun zone and more of a sombre zone; everything in the stores seemed like it was under counters and you had to pick by pointing; overall I remember it as pretty but depressing

West Germany and East Germany – taking the train from West Germany into East Germany and being drilled by the soldiers/customs people (?) and their dogs about our purposes for travel

East Germany – going through Checkpoint Charlie and spending the day fending off requests for our jeans and watches

Anyways with digital photos, computer, blogs and technology, it makes me wonder about the travel I did before these inventions – as those memories fade, and the photos can’t be found, and the letters have disappeared… did they really exist if there is no evidence of them… other than these foggy strange memories that stand out from the rest?

For the most part, my kids do not know anything about those trips; just quick references to having been there and the odd thing I can conjure about the place. For that reason, I want to blog about our travel adventures now, so they too, don’t wake up and wonder one day what was so special about Guatemala or what exactly happened on that Sahara trip.

So I am going to blog for them and for you, the odd soul who enjoys a crazy story or two, or just likes looking at pics, like I do.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

I would love to hear from you!

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