How Pumpkins Can Blend Families

Family traditions are always important; especially for kids. And maybe even more so for kids of blended families. Trying to establish routines, comfort and a sense of togetherness when you live in different provinces can be challenging. It takes a lot of scheduling, patience and effort to make it work. It just doesn’t happen on its own. But I wouldn’t ask for it any other way because what we have, in my humble opinion, works and works well. Our girls have grown up together and despite, not always being together, “feel” together.

Sometimes apart, always together at heart.

Early on, we noticed that certain traditions stood out from the rest. One was the pumpkin, apple and sometimes corn maze weekend. The girls loved this and so did we. In fact, it may be strange, but I tend to prefer the lead up to certain holidays even more than the holidays themselves. I am not a huge Halloween person but I do like getting the pumpkins and carving them together.

This year, we moved from PEI to Ontario which made us much further from New Brunswick; hence weekends and time together have been a tad more challenging to organize. The pumpkin weekend didn’t happen this year; in fact, sadly Jade and I purchased ours at the local grocery store in the end. It just didn’t feel the same without some or all of the girls together. As the girls get older and branch off into work and university, I reflect on the memories even more.

My father used to say that the only thing consistent in life is change. I am trying to embrace that change but during pumpkin, apple and corn maze time, it is a little harder.

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