The Perfect Way to Surprise A Child with the Gift of Travel

I loved this travel-ous cake so so so much that I tried, I really tried, to convince Jade and her friends NOT to cut it. They held off for most of the birthday party but then what is a mom to do when 7 cake hungry kids come at you? You take a photo and kiss it good-bye.

When Jennifer (the very talented owner and baker of City View Bakehouse in Prince Edward Island) first showed me this wonder of the world, I was blown away. It was so unique, so special that I wished it was my birthday too 🙂

I decided that this most beautiful edible globe would be the perfect way to surprise a child with a trip.

Instead of marking the places the child has travelled to as we did for Jade, you could mark the one special place where you would be travelling to as the ultimate surprise.

Wouldn’t that be the best cake ever? A cake that comes with a trip?

I want one of those soon… one that comes with a lot of markers on parts of Asia. Hint.. hint..

I would love to hear from you!

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