Disney – Magic, Mickey, and the “Missing” Orange Stroller

A family trip of 11? More like a tour group and one that better have a tour leader, or otherwise known as mom.

In order to pull off this holiday, I did so much research that if there was a Masters in Disney, I earned it.

I knew my stuff; which day to go where; how the fast passes worked; how to get the most bang for your buck, Disney style. And yes, Disney is very expensive so you want every minute to count. No pressure eh? Can you sense the relaxation of it all?

So all is going according to plan. The kids are happy, the teens are happy and yes, even the parents and nana are happy. What more could you want? Well… autographs, lots of rides, more of said rides, and the odd swim thrown in here and there.

So here we are being happy at Disney.

But if you are like us, Disney is a “happy place” as long as you have the stuff you need like money to pay for everything, water as it is scorching hot, snacks and more snacks to feed as you go, fast passes that someone actually understands and knows how to effectively use, and oh yes… an infamous orange stroller (at least in our family) to keep Abby, the smallest one (in every sense of the word) going.

Well the moment… when Disney lost some of its magic, was when we returned to the stroller parking lot and the orange stroller was no longer there. We searched high and low, far and wide, and that little itty bitty orange stroller had vanished like pixie dust.

Now if you know us, which you might not 🙂 and you know Abby, which you might not 🙂 the C family does not go anywhere (other than a drive through) without the orange stroller. It is a need; not a want.

Allyson begins to lose it; who would steal this orange stroller, one of the bargain basement variety? One that under other circumstances, you couldn’t probably give away for free.

I can feel the magic, the dreamy feel of Disney slipping away as we grasp; as we clutch to our old memories of the stroller. I know,  I know, live in the present and be happy. We are at Disney, we can afford to do so, enjoy it, even without said stroller.

You know how kids don’t want to give up their blankies, their sippy cups; their stuffies? Well that stroller was our family blankie, sippy cup and stuffie; all rolled up into one. We had to let it go.

Moving on (more physically than mentally), we continue on with our day. Until…

Allyson spots an orange stroller outside a restaurant. She proceeds. She investigates. She reports back. It is ours. It has our family markings ( true but strange) and we know, without a doubt, that the magic has returned.

So after a small family discussion (or more like a large family fight… feel that magic) the results are tallied and the stroller is back on Abby’s butt. And off we go… glancing around… hoping the stroller gods are working this time in our favour.

So did we end up in jail?

old 2738

No, thankfully not.

Instead we ended up like we started.. a family, a little too dependent on a stroller, but happy and content with the magic of Disney.

old 2548

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