The Blog Meltdown x 100 posts = Not A Fun Way to Celebrate

So I guess things were just going too smoothly or I was getting a tad over-confident. You see, I am  NOT a tech loving or a tech understanding kind of person. That was painfully clear to anyone within 100 miles of me yesterday.

I had just posted 100 posts and it was time to celebrate…Cheryl style. So I began to organize my blog by creating some space by deleting photos that I had uploaded. NOPE, it didn’t occur to me that said photos being deleted were actually linked somehow 😦 to my posts and by doing so, I was basically UNDOING the 100 posts instead.

It wasn’t a pretty sight when I discovered this fact. Kudos to Jade for staying in the same house with me as I began the looooooong (read: 10 hours) arduous process of finding photos again (not too well-organized on our computers.. first mistake), uploading them and then inserting them all over again.

Oh yah, and then I have that slight OCD/perfectionist thing happening, that says – these don’t quite look like they did before. Are they better this time or how did they look last time exactly? blah.. blah…blah…

So the next time when I hit 200 posts (if I survive long enough to get there) I will be shutting down the computer, like normal people, and breathing a big sigh of relief.

Here is to 100 more 🙂

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