The Subway Escape: When “You” Become The Story

We had just moved to the Toronto area.

It was time to explore the city and time to bond. With four girls, Chris tries to ensure he has special times with each.

This was one of those times… or it was meant to be.

Our daughter spent a lot of time getting ready (as teens tend to do) and finally they were off on their way… headed to the subway to find a great place to eat and maybe even a hockey game to go to. Downtown Toronto was waiting.. anything was possible.

Now our girls LOVE the subway, always have. In fact the subway is a highlight of most of our trips; we have a picture to prove it.

The girls on the Toronto subway... during happier times.

The girls on the Toronto subway… during happier times.

So Chris and daughter get onto the subway. And sit down… and blend in… with all the other subway dwellers that are in the same car. Nothing out of the ordinary… at least Chris thinks.

Daughter is a little quiet but not unusually so. She maybe isn’t feeling so great but refrains from letting Chris in on that little secret.

Until the secret is released… now everyone knows… now everybody sees… now everyone who can, backs away in horror. Including Chris, who is beyond shocked.

Daughter is surprised too. She didn’t really know. She didn’t see it coming. Her aim… less than fortunate for some.

Grabbing daughter, Chris and she flee the subway scene before a word is uttered (or at least that is what they recall) but a few looks have been cast. Well maybe more than a few.

They make it to the subway garbage can; a more subtle alternative to the previously packed subway car.

What to do? This is not Chris’ s scene…. not one tiny bit.

So they do what Chris does best. He gets his hair cut under the guise of a free bathroom where she can “undo the damage” that has been done.

Sadly and even a little silly, they return home by taxi and by car; deciding to leave the subway for another day.

We wonder how many people in Toronto heard the gory details that day. Forlorn, but funny…depending on whose perspective. Personally, I was very happy to have stayed at home.

A better bonding moment.

A better bonding moment.

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