8 Reasons Why I Hate Travelling

1. I have to stay in a hotel! You mean I can’t stay in my own home, the one infested with mice and now spiders?

2. I have to eat in a restaurant! You mean I can’t eat in my own kitchen (the one that is 23 inches by 53 inches) and cook another uninspired meal that would make food bloggers shutter in their aprons!

3. I have to shop in a local food market! You mean I can’t go into my own grocery store and buy imported products 10x the local price and 10x older?

4. I have to people watch in a town plaza! You mean I can’t just sit in my living room and watch Miss Neighbor walk her cat for the umpteenth time down the sidewalk?

5. I have to speak another language! You mean I can’t just keep practicing my own language over and over in the hope that someday I sound sophisticated and overly educated?

6. I have to buy authentic handmade souvenirs! You mean I can’t just go to Walmart and buy the latest plastic toy guaranteed to break in one play date?

7. I have to use real money! You mean I can’t just mindlessly use my debit card and then forget how much it cost?

8. I have to take my kids along! You mean I can’t just tell them I will be out and forget to return?


  1. emilylynnneil · May 24, 2015

    haha I love this, it gave me a good laugh…however it is definitely accurate 🙂

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  2. lcarriej · May 20, 2015

    Love it, there are so many people who actually think like this. It is a scary world 😉

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    • lovetotrav · May 20, 2015

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. It made me laugh writing it as I so want to be travelling instead… a constant desire.


  3. doreeweller · May 19, 2015

    Ha! Very funny, and so true. My limiting factor for traveling as much as I’d like to is my pets. I just can’t live without them, and it’s not fair to leave them home all the time.

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  4. g · May 18, 2015

    Hmmm…I need to get out more.

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  5. nomadsojourn · May 18, 2015


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  6. Kat · May 18, 2015

    Well gosh, when you put it like that…… Let’s go! 🙂

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    • lovetotrav · May 18, 2015

      Ha Ha 🙂 I am always ready to go but unfortunately life doesn’t always cooperate with my wishes! In the meantime, I remain sarcastic 🙂

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      • Kat · May 19, 2015

        There’s nothing wrong with a little sarcasm. 🙂

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      • lovetotrav · May 19, 2015

        I agree. 🙂


  7. joannesisco · May 18, 2015

    You had my at #2 🙂

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  8. WhenInTurkey · May 17, 2015

    Yes to all of those things! Except restaurants…I love cooking 😉

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    • lovetotrav · May 18, 2015

      I actually don’t mind it either when I have lots of time, patience and I am not too hungry that I can wait!


  9. Donna · May 17, 2015

    Yup all good reasons for not liking to travel. It sounds like a great thing to do.

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  10. Petal and Mortar · May 17, 2015

    Hysterical, my husband and I are laughing together!

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  11. lifemeant · May 17, 2015

    Actually laughed out loud!! Love the sarcasm. Sounds like me.

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  12. LDG luciledegodoy · May 17, 2015


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  13. Haha, fantastic! 😀 Great post.

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  14. Dee Gilbert · May 17, 2015

    Love it!

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