Before Travel, I NEVER Would Have…

In honour of Throwback Thursday, I have been thinking of all the experiences that come with travelling as Jade and I get ready to venture out in the world again. I hope we miss a few of these this time around… but I am certain a few more will be added as well! If anything, travel is never boring. Happy travels to you this summer! 🙂

four camels and a coffee to go

Held on until the next bathroom and the next bathroom and the next bathroom and the next…

Thought twice about walking on a patch of grass (unfortunate habit after living in mine infested Cambodia)

Watched my maid kill the chicken on my back porch and eat it an hour later

Waited until my bags were on the bus before getting on

Checked, double checked, and triple checked that my photos are still there

Slept with a radio by my head waiting to hear if we had to evacuate in the middle of the night (Cambodia)

Slept with a bat circling my head

Asked my kids a million times if they have everything

Brushed my teeth with pop

Forced myself to close my mouth while showering – try it, it is hard to do

Worn the same purple fleece for almost 30 years

Drink hot tea on a super hot day…

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  1. Uncle Gerry · June 21, 2015

    What’s that saying ?
    ” you get beat experience ”

    Uncle Gerry

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