How Do You Know When Your Family Is Ready to Backpack?

Well it all began with Chris wanting/needing/pleading to see a James Taylor concert. And this concert was to take place in Atlantic City, New Jersey; not exactly on my family bucket list for travel.

So we head off to Atlantic City and what do we find?

Overpriced boutique (questionable) hotels… certain women entering and exiting said boutique hotel, overpriced and well… frankly boring…restaurants along the boardwalk, a busy beach with a rough undertow that kept the lifeguards very occupied, a ton of ambulances wailing all day long…what to do?

We head to Cake Boss land to find some delicious cupcakes and cookies from our favourite baking TV show. That was the highlight ¬†of the trip and it wasn’t even in Atlantic City. Oh, I must admit there was a great July 4 set of fireworks over the beach, so I will give that to Atlantic City as a must do if you happen to be there with kids at that time.

Upon leaving Atlantic City, Cheryl plays her travel game with Abby.

“What did you like best about Atlantic City Abby?”

“Well, she says, the Vietnamese restaurant where I got to use the chopsticks and the African store where the owner was yelling into the phone in another language.”

Yes… we knew… we were ready to leave North America and get some real bang for our buck.