One Mistake You Should Never Make On Your Wedding Day

A wedding day together with 4 daughters, 2 nephews and 2 tag along friends to keep 2 of our teens happy is one busy wedding day.

Something is sure to go amiss.

Chris and Uncle Gerry (yes, famous Uncle Gerry – read here to know why) got their heads together to develop a fail proof plan to keep all the kids busy the morning of the wedding. Two guys, no sports to watch, why not go fishing?

Pumped, the duo collect the kids and off they go. Proud of themselves, they find a dreamy river where they all bait up and begin this bonding moment, a memory to cherish for years to come. Fishing together, laughing together, splashing together, the wedding day begins as two families blend and become one.

Excited to share their fishing stories and ready to return for the wedding, Chris and Uncle Gerry do a final head count. The number of kids don’t add up. Confused and a tad bewildered, Chris and Uncle Gerry recount and then look at each other with total fear in their eyes.

They have left 1 of the 4 daughters behind at the hotel!

They had completely forgot to pick her up and take her fishing. And to add fuel to the fire, none of the other kids had even noticed!

With their fishing rods tucked behind their legs, they returned to the hotel to face her.  Having discovered her fate, left alone at the altar so to speak, she had put on her happy face and spent some time with her nana and the other seniors.

Fortunately, humour was what was on tap that day and most was forgiven. Well… almost most… the word “fishing” still tends to interrupt the smooth flow of our blended family as we relive that moment, laughing hysterically at how that could have happened. .

Do you have a story to share on wedding mishaps? I would love to hear it. For one more of our’s, read here. 

How To Have A Less Than Stiff Wedding

So because I tend to buck the traditional, I wanted to have our wedding on the 8th of July (I like even numbers) so that meant we got married on a Friday instead of the Saturday. I called that one right. On the Saturday there was a storm (not so great for an outside venture on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean) and with the storm, came no electricity. Our family was still around so what to do with no electricity?

Whale watching in the pouring rain seemed like a brilliant idea. Thanks to Limbo (if you ever go) we got special space suits and a super fun zodiac to go out in. The water was pounding, the zodiac was ripping up and down and we screamed and laughed the whole way. If we hadn’t seen a whale, we might not have even noticed. We did but the highlight was the crazy outfits and the boat in the storm. After we went to our favourite restaurant in the area (the MidTrail) and ate whatever food they could cook in the dark. Sitting in the restaurant in the dark eating a strange assortment of food with the wind and the rain wreaking havoc outside… still wet from whale watching… was the highlight of our less than stiff wedding.

Our Secret (well it used to be) Happy Place in Canada

You know those moments when it seems that there is some sort of divine intervention and it all just melds together and feels perfect? Just magical? Like it will never get better than this ever? Bliss in every sense of the word?

Well luckily for our family we have had a lot of those moments but some just break through and stand out from the rest.

This is what Pleasant Bay, Cape Breton means to us.

The melange of ocean, fresh air, peacefulness, mountains, beach, moose, fishing boats, rocks, whale watching and an oh so perfect favourite hotel/restaurant  (the MidTrail Motel) has made this spot our ultimate happy place 🙂

If I could put it all in a blender and drink it up daily, I would be a very happy Canadian!

There is simply nothing better than going for a drive to look for moose and then heading to the beach as the sun sets, making a fire, and watching the ocean and the sky become one.

Pure Magic.

I will never forget our nights there… ever!