Which Will It Be – The Experience or The Stuff ?

Stuff can take up a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of energy. Think of your house…you just finished project X, you look around and you now notice that the window is leaking, that the crack is getting bigger, that the linoleum is wearing out. Think of your car… you just changed and rotated your tires and now you need to change the oil, replace the battery and that list becomes endless.

Experience can take up a lot of time (if you wish), a lot of money (f you wish) and a lot of energy (if you wish). But if doesn’t have to either. It can be quick, it can be relatively inexpensive (local travel) and it can be fairly easy.

EVERY TIME we travel and more so, as a family, I say, I don’t care if we have to eat Kraft Dinner for the next year, we have to keep on doing this. The experience always wins out!

I am sure that when I reflect on my life I won’t remember the cell phones, the hair cuts, the clothes, the furniture or the cars but I will remember all those moments from every trip we ever took.

As we recently moved and majorly downsized, I asked Jade what was most important for her to bring with her. She looked around her bedroom full of stuff, our house full of stuff and our garage full of stuff and she said, my red backpack!

True… however we also know, our family will fight tooth and nail for Lulu (see picture of our family giraffe) when she is up for grabs 🙂

photo (2)

The Infamous Lulu Clark/Caldwell – our 5 th girl