“The Internet Says We Shouldn’t Have Done That.”


What happens when you don’t research something before hand?

You believe what they say.

Yes, the lady told us that the black henna was perfectly fine; in fact it was even better than the other colours because it lasts longer. 

Need we hear more? Sign us up. We are in like the inexperienced henna receivers we are.

And so it happens… Erin gets one. Jade gets one. And before I know it, I get one. My mom was the only smart one.

And we loooooovvvvvveeee them. Majorly.


For some strange reason, when I return to Canada from Morocco, I look it up. A little after the fact. I must have some nagging doubt somewhere in that post-henna brain of mine. And it says.. whatever you do, DON”T get black henna because it is dangerous: like “it can leave a scar kind of dangerous”. And of course the Internet being the Internet has a lot of visual evidence to back up this opinion. I call Erin up. Yes, she knows. She has heard the news from somebody else.

So I say a prayer to the henna gods to let us off easily; we are newbies who didn’t research something just once; please give us a break. And they did. We were lucky. Others not so much.