Why Go? Some Family Facts On Halifax

Head to Halifax. It is a hit! In fact, a home run at that 🙂

Not only is Halifax a beautiful city with tons of character set in a harbour but outside its city limits, awaits the eastern coastline of Canada, a trip to die for or at least to drive for.

Beaches, ocean, parks, fishing villages, crafts galore, and seafood make this area of the world a must see destination if you are Canadian and even if you are not.

Our kids love Halifax and these are just a few of the simple reasons why.

1. The Wave

Halifax rises to the top; each and every time. Kids, teens, and even adults try to climb the wave at the water front (and with lots of practice, do climb it) and then if they are like ours, sit at the top in glory for a looooooong time.

Sitting on the wave and loving it.

Sitting on the wave and loving it.

Then at some point you need to bribe your kids to come off.

Finally coming down the wave.

Finally coming down the wave.

Then there is another park close by (this can be part of your bribing to get off the wave) where they can pretend to be on a ship.

Abby the captain.

Abby the captain.

2.The Discovery Centre

A hands-on science museum that will even appeal to tweens and even teens. We know. We have spent a lot of time there, particularly in the bubble area where you stand and a bubble encloses you. It doesn’t get much better than that.

3. The Ferry

Then you can get on the ferry and go across the water to Dartmouth for very little money and very little time but lots of fun. Yes, bang for your buck.

Riding the ferry between Halifax and Dartmouth over and over.

Riding the ferry between Halifax and Dartmouth over and over.

4.The Beaches

After, if there is sunshine (we can always hope), there are beaches right in the city limits.

Playing at the beach in Dartmouth.

Playing at the beach in Dartmouth.

5. Hungry?

If you are hungry and like diners with lots of character and personality, head to John’s Lunch for a cheap entertaining meal of fish and chips (just received best fish and chips award from a national Canadian magazine) or be like us, and go for breakfast. Either way, it is a win win for you and your kids.

Old style diner which is great for all.

Old style diner which is great for all.

They loved eating by themselves at the counter and watching all the cooking action.

They loved eating by themselves at the counter and watching all the cooking action.

6. The Halifax Public Gardens

This is an enclosed park downtown that has birds galore, ducks galore, geese galore. All this galore is heaven for kids who love to watch them and yes, sometimes even chase them.

Jade, when she is not chasing the animals.

Jade, when she is not chasing the animals.

7. Point Pleasant Park

Oh my goodness, this is a phenomenal park that has trails, ruins, water, beaches and a zillion other things kids can find to play with. If not, they can run and run forever here. And when they finish running, bring a blanket and find a place to picnic and watch the sailboats go by.

Then if you are from or going to Prince Edward Island after, you drive and hop onto another ferry and the fun continues.

old 820

The ferry bonus if you are then headed to Prince Edward Island.


“The Internet Says We Shouldn’t Have Done That.”


What happens when you don’t research something before hand?

You believe what they say.

Yes, the lady told us that the black henna was perfectly fine; in fact it was even better than the other colours because it lasts longer. 

Need we hear more? Sign us up. We are in like the inexperienced henna receivers we are.

And so it happens… Erin gets one. Jade gets one. And before I know it, I get one. My mom was the only smart one.

And we loooooovvvvvveeee them. Majorly.


For some strange reason, when I return to Canada from Morocco, I look it up. A little after the fact. I must have some nagging doubt somewhere in that post-henna brain of mine. And it says.. whatever you do, DON”T get black henna because it is dangerous: like “it can leave a scar kind of dangerous”. And of course the Internet being the Internet has a lot of visual evidence to back up this opinion. I call Erin up. Yes, she knows. She has heard the news from somebody else.

So I say a prayer to the henna gods to let us off easily; we are newbies who didn’t research something just once; please give us a break. And they did. We were lucky. Others not so much.

Sucking It Up To Ask A Question

I used to be really good at this.

When I was 18 and backpacking through Europe, we asked questions all the time. I remember an entire day spent looking for contact solution in some Italian city; desperately pointing to my contacts and using hand gestures for cleaning said contacts. Finally we hit the contact bonus and found some. A scary moment for an 18-year-old who might have to resort to wearing glasses which in the old days, were pretty sad affairs. Think 2 big thick coke bottle lenses in some kind of unattractive accompanying frame. So yes, I was motivated to ask the questions.

Gradually this changed. Somehow I became “cooler” or “wiser” or “more experienced” and I thought less of asking questions and more of finding it on my own. Do people actually get more stubborn and determined as they get older? Well… a glance at my mom and that might suggest some truth in that statement. 🙂 Anyway, I remember when this came back to bite me in the butt for the first time.

Chris and I were taking some alone time for a romantic holiday to San Francisco. My dad had sworn by San Francisco and said we MUST go there. So here we are on our first day out and I have the guidebook in hand and we are off to explore. Note to couples: before dating, ensure one of you is good at reading maps; NOT both of you think you are good at reading maps but maybe neither is. The latter doesn’t paint quite as pretty of picture. So we head towards China Town and this is where it begins.

“Ah, Chris, do you know where we are going?”


“Oh, okay. Should we just double-check on the map of our guidebook just to be sure?”

“Well, fine.”

I “read” map, set the direction, off we go, to NOT find China Town anytime soon.

“Do you want to take a look at the map? Just to know if we are definitely going the right way.”


Looks at it and off we go; still lost and wandering in maybe San Francisco circles; looking for a way out to find China Town.

This continued for some time. You know that deathly silence that occurs between couples when things aren’t quite working out? Yup. We had that going on pretty well.

Somehow by a miracle, we ended up in China Town but by that time, we were no longer “happily exploring” as much as “frustratingly enduring”. I remember entering the fortune cookie factory (our sole goal), looking around quickly and thinking, that wasn’t worth the fight.

So I have learned that sucking it up to ask the question a tad earlier can save you some grief later on.

Despite experience backpacking, you still end up in places where the guidebook is useless, or its maps are useless, or you are useless and you have to move beyond that pride. I once would have known how to manage and get on these Cambodian boats; knowing exactly which one, how much to pay, where to sit but upon returning to Cambodia, I would now have zero clue. Yes, Cheryl, despite having lived there, you will now have to ask some questions.

Don’t Visit This When Travelling

Jade and I just went to our new dentist’s office in Cobourg. It comes complete with a fireplace, friendly staff who speak English well, a very well-trained dentist, and even a Volkswagen Bug inside (like the real deal). Yes, this is a unique and interesting dental office.

But unique and interesting in Canada means one thing; in other places it might be even MORE unique and interesting and not in the ways you were seeking. Having experienced a multitude of doctors around the world, I am quite content to leave my medical experiences in that category and not venture off into the dental one. You may get lucky and find the right one; but like in Canada even; there is no guarantee. Get those teeth to the dentist before you go.

And if you are off to a place like India, this is what you might see. Knock on wood that this path is the one less taken.