Three Things Thursday: Egypt, Blogging and Friends

1. The Practice Run

When we went to the Toronto airport to pick up Abby, we happened to see the Egypt Air flight leaving Toronto bound for Cairo. As my husband watched it go down the runway, he decided he would do a practice run to see what this will feel like when we fast forward to August when Jade and I are actually on that flight.

After the flight took off and was out of sight, Chris reported that the practice run didn’t go too well. 😦 On the positive side, we know that we will be dearly missed and loved while we are away. 🙂

2. Abby’s New Blog

My stepdaughter, Abby loves photography and has just started her own blog Just A Quick Snap. This means sunsets, sunrises and a whole new view on looking at the world. Special moments like eating sub sandwiches by the waterfront as we look for photo opportunities make life extra meaningful. Doesn’t the small and simple stuff always stand out in the end? Even if it has to take place at 5 AM in the morning?

2015-06-25 04.44.17

3. A New Friend

When did making friends become like dating? I am sure when I was in school, there was zero thought about how to make friends. As you get older, this becomes more complicated. Will we have anything in common? What should I wear? What if I get something caught in my teeth while I am eating? What if we have that awkward silent moment? Anyway as I was going to meet a new friend yesterday for lunch, I realized that my students have it so much easier. Oh to be back in grade 3!

(A special thanks to the wonderful blog, Nerd in the Brain who is the mastermind of Three Things Thursday.)

A Travel Interview With My 2 Teens

School is out! Let the travel games begin.

I have my first 2 travel victims, daughters Abby and Jade.

They have so “willingly” accepted my request for an interview.

Where do you want to travel to next?

A – India

J- Bali

What was your favourite Canadian travel experience?

A- Pleasant Bay, Nova Scotia because that is where our family started.

J- Pleasant Bay, Nova Scotia because of our emotional ties to it. Our whole family was there.

What was your favourite American travel experience?

A – Disney World because Splash Mountain cooled me off.

J- New York City because of its’ friggin massive buildings.

What was your favourite travel experience outside North America?

A – Sandboarding in Peru! It was so hard to keep my balance and when I fell sand flew everywhere.

J- Tikal in Guatemala when it was so dark and we were standing in the back of the pick up truck hearing the howler monkeys in the jungle.

What is the funniest family travel moment?

A – When Cheryl had a fit at midnight in the hotel with the man who gave our room away.

J- The Sahara desert fiasco when we were stuck in the sandstorm… the whole thing was a disaster!

Why do you love to travel?

A- Because I learn a lot.  I see different ways of living and it is fun.

J- Travel opens your eyes and mind to so many more things than a book or school education ever could. You see it all right there in front of you.

What is one item you never leave home without?

A- My camera

J- My phone

When you travel, what do you miss about home?

A- My friends

J- Homey food that I can find in my clean kitchen and eat at anytime like popcorn.

Anything you want to add to my travel interview?

A- Nope! (yelling in relief)

J- This was so much fun (dripping in sarcasm).

(I am now off to research travel destinations for next summer! Possibly somewhere in southern Africa that doesn’t cost a fortune (that is probably a travel oxymoron). I want to self-drive a safari as it is so much cheaper, but the South African school holidays are at the wrong time and Kruger will be packed! Maybe Namibia, but that is more expensive…. or India… but Abby doesn’t do well in the heat…. or…)

When Saturday Becomes The New Sunday

When Thursday is the new Friday and Sunday is the new Monday, then hump day becomes Tuesday.. – Cheryl

Confused? Me too.

In Egypt, the school week ends on Thursday and begins on Sunday.

You know how many times I have taught the calendar in Canada? Colouring it, labelling it, playing with it in Grade 3 land? I have this calendar thing totally memorized.

And now… at the ripe old age of (be kind), I have to relearn it?

Chris and I have been practicing. When it is Sunday, I remind him that I will be working. When it is early Saturday afternoon and his weekend is just underway, mine will be ending. The more we practice, the worse I get.

I simply can’t imagine beginning my work week on a Sunday.

I guess Mondays are going to be a whole lot better!

And Tuesdays which are no big deal in Canada have now been upgraded to a much higher status.

And no more TGIF.

It is all about TGIT.

That has a good ring to it.

Yikes! It is Saturday already. My weekend is almost over 😦

(Thanks to My Spanglish Familia who sent me a ticket to quote land. I have had fun travelling there. I may not come back.)

What is your favourite day of the week and why?

E is for Enchanting

Do you want to write a post about your trip to Europe for the letter E, Jade?

Sure, mom.

Jade, my 15 year old, has always been an artist. She came out of the womb, pen in hand, ready to create. Inclined to be quite independent, she does her own thing as illustrated by her poem below. She agreed to write, just not about Europe. 🙂


May the world disintegrate

and have everything fall apart

i will not care;

for how one regards a heart

And if the world shall disappear

O, forgive me if it does!

remember all that once occurred

of everything that was

All we can ever do

is force ourselves to see

past the clouds, the scattered stars

and relish in the memories

Few will glow, lit by my thoughts

through the foggy grey

but the few that do

will lead you, most certainly, on your way

The Enchanting ones will show;

ones of thought-provoking tales

the luring ones, we musn’t forget;

they shall come as well

And you’ll see this painting you have made

coloured by all you’ve seen

traced and perfected by all your doings

signed by where you’ve been

O, how changed it will feel

and scary it may seem

how far away the enchanting times are

your thoughts may very well deem

But blessed are you

to still have the thoughts

to still see the moments where

you were once thrilled and enchanted by lots

E is for Enchanting

but enchanting stands for what

enchanting is for the memories I’ve shared

and for the ones I have not

We may share our tales of adventure,

my friend, all in due time

but now was where I was asked to write

and not to vaguely put in rhyme

For Enchanting deserves a story

for it’s a story that enchants ourselves

but i’m a petty fool,

and can not write a story of enchanting by myself

So tell me your tales of enchantment

moments when you felt

that rush of immediate adrenaline

that rarely ever melts

Share with me, your definition

of what Enchanting is to you

put it in a story, or like I,

a vague poem too

Jade, 15 years old, wrote this poem on Enchanting.

Jade, 15 years old, wrote this poem on Enchanting.

Happy A to Zs from Jade and The Family C

Happy International Happiness Day From The C Family

Happy International Happiness Day 🙂

To celebrate happiness, I want to share a few pics that show what happy can look like in a normal (well mostly normal) Canadian family and a blended one to boot.

Collecting shells at the beach in Florida.

Collecting shells at the beach in Florida.

Picking apples in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Picking apples in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Celebrating Canada Day with grammie in Nova Scotia.

Celebrating Canada Day with grammie in Nova Scotia.

Eating hamburgers at Mr. Bartley's in Boston.

Eating hamburgers at Mr. Bartley’s in Boston.

Our family is usually happy on or near the water. (on the Rio Dulce in Guatemala)

Our family is usually happy on or near the water. (on the Rio Dulce in Guatemala)

Mom and dad are happy when the Red Sox win and the kids can eat for free at The 99 Restaurant in New England.

Mom and dad are happy when the Red Sox win and the kids can eat for free at The 99 Restaurant in New England.

Disney = happiness

Disney = happiness

The happiest day in Jade's school career for both Jade and mom was finishing that bridge made of popsicle sticks (read: popsicle nightmare)

The happiest day in Jade’s school career for both Jade and mom was finishing that bridge made of popsicle sticks (read: popsicle nightmare)

I would like to thank Caitlin from Teen Daydreamer who brought this special day to my attention today.

What makes you the happiest? I would love to hear from you.