Abby Wants To Go To Nepal

I remember when I went to Nepal. I was in Bangkok and looking at flights. There was a cheap one to Kathmandu and off I went, not knowing much about it, but wanting to go.


Certain countries have an allure to them, a certain mystique that is hard is to describe.

Nepal did not disappoint.

Walking the streets of Kathmandu I loved everything about it. It was chaotic, colourful, that kind of perfectly imperfect place that I tend to love. I hadn’t been to India yet so it held that extra special place in my heart as I watched the ghats and the cremations from afar, met saddhus around temples and simply just wandered around.

Pokhara was special as I read Into Thin AirĀ looking out my hotel window at Mt. Everest, the place where it all happened.

Lately, in response to Abby’s announcement, I have looked into Nepal again. A lot has changed over the years. Kathmandu is described less fondly; more traffic, more pollution.

Oh well… I doubt those minor details will stop Abby on her quest.

A holy man (sadhu) in Nepal.

A holy man (sadhu) in Nepal.