Another Day From Rodent Hell Or Better Known As “Cheryl vs. Canada”

OMG it is real. It is happening again. I have very bad karma when it comes to houses and rodents. I really don’t know if rodents includes squirrels, bats, and raccoons but I know that it includes mice.

So Jade was right when I posted Why I Prefer Hotels to Houses. The Canada rodent curse has followed me all the way from PEI to Ontario and has managed to break through this concrete jungle even. And I AM NOT handling it well.

Two nights ago, after Jade’s quick sighting in her bedroom, I saw that furry scumbag run past my bedroom door into the kitchen. From that moment on, I have been on lock down. I am in solitary confinement. And the process of Cheryl losing it has begun.

I know. I know. I have travelled. I know cockroaches only too well, I have seen my share of snakes.. but I draw the line at rodents that move fast. They are not welcome in my house.

So Jade thought my Alzheimer’s was starting early when she discovered the dog food in the frying pan under the stove.

Mom. How come this dog food is in the frying pan under the stove?! 

I don’t know Jade. That is strange. I mean, I am a little preoccupied, but that preoccupied?

The mystery has been solved. This little bugger (and who am I kidding… is there really only one? they always live in packs) has been siphoning off Jazmin’s dog food and hoarding it in our frying pan.

Ok, war on.

Cheryl retreats with a food stash and her computer to the bedroom for self-imposed lock down. No principal here needs to tell me what to do. And I am not coming out (except for a few necessities) until Chris has fought and won the rodent war. Wish me luck.

After we sold the house in PEI (which was totally infested with numerous mice, families of raccoons in our ceilings each and every spring and squirrels who ate their way in and trust me, there were no rodent whisperers who were willing to help us) Chris and I VOWED never to own another house again in Canada.

But in Guatemala? Now that might be another story.

My Favourite House Ever on the Mekong River

This is my house where I lived in Prek Presap, Kratie. Notice the truck out front; one of four that we owned. Why? I don’t know. How do two people really drive 4 trucks? The most cars I will ever “own” at one time. The house had an open concept living area (it was ahead of its time) where the local people would come at night to watch movies on our VCR/TV as we had a generator; a first for this district. So electricity was a big deal…and we were happy to share it.

This is my front yard which was an amazing sight as each and every morning the monks would walk by and receive alms.

cambodia and india 533

This is my backyard. A good reminder that my job was probably one of the easiest ones around the neighborhood.

cambodia and india 522